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Who AM I?

Hello, my name is Stefan Morgan. I am a 21-year-old artist with a tremendous passion for fighting and action-based games, elaborate storytelling, world building and dynamic character design.

When I am not drawing characters or coming up with new stories that I plan to share in the coming years, I am usually playing video games, spending time with my closest friends, watching anime, and enjoying my life to the fullest with a bunch of new experiences.

I am currently reaching for a career in game development. I have always loved video games deeply, and wanted to make my own games and work on the many games series I loved, including Sonic the Hedgehog, Splatoon, Street Fighter, Mega Man and so many more.

Currently, I'm training at Exceptional Minds in Animation, Maya and Unreal; then I want to learn more about my job field and its pipeline. Eventually, I will want to move over to Japan and work in the heart of the industry. 

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